Movvio mission

Our mission at Movvio is to help you get the best movie recommendation by people like you. It’s time to get noticed and make an impact.


To The Point

You ask - the Movvio delivers. Our community is dedicated to help anyone in search of a movie or a TV show they would like.

We won’t suggest just any movie just to say we did our good deed for the day, but the one that suits your taste and mood.

No AI, Just Us

Movvio decided to put people first when it comes to movie recommendations because movies are made for people by people.

We have nothing against AI, don’t get us wrong, we just feel that some things are better left to humans.

Know The Stuff

You don’t have to recommend movies to others if you feel like you wouldn’t be good at it. You can just request suggestions forever.

On the contrary, movie buffs are free to recommend as many movies and TV shows per day as they would like.

Join the movement!

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Everyone is welcome at Movvio recommendation app

Everyone is welcome at Movvio recommendation app

Your little sister that has watched Gilmore Girls and Lady Bird at least ten times.
Best friend who doesn’t miss a single Marvel movie.
Cousin who is going to film school and watches only weird European movies.
Your mom who loves every Audrey Hepburn role and your dad who knows all Clint Eastwood movies by heart.
A neighbor who swears by Adam Sandler comedies.
Your classmate who watches bad movies ironically.

It’s easy to use and free for everyone!

They are all free to give and take recommendations to people who like the same movies and TV shows as they do.
When you need a movie for a date you will know exactly who to ask. When you are taking your mom to the movies you can ask someone else and so on.
Movvio app mission aims to create a community of genuine film fans who are willing to help others in their quest for their next favorite movie.
Even those that have no particular interest in cinema but like to spend their evening watching something fun, they are welcome, too. They also deserve to enjoy something that will make them laugh, shed a tear, question the vastness of our universe or who, on earth, approved of that movie idea.

It’s easy to use and free for everyone
Making sure you get the best experience

The Taste You Admire

Unlike other movie buffs, we don’t share the top list of movies and shows based on their rating, critics, reviews, and cast. That would make us like any other movie site. Instead, we believe in getting to know our subscribers before suggesting them something.

Our movie recommendations are based on your likes, interests, and current mood. We understand that moods keep on changing. That’s why we let you choose tags to find content that you desire. This makes it easier to find gems of hidden and maybe underrated content.

Be a Part of the Community

Movvio is proud to be bringing back the traditional way of watching movies – through human recommendation. Feel free to join our community and connect with other members to share suggestions. Only suggest good movies to watch. There’s no need to praise a movie if you didn’t like it.

Movvio aims to bring all who share a love for cinema together allowing them to share movies and TV shows to watch. Find your perfect movie match here.

Everyone is an expert in our eyes