Why Movvio App is Better Than Your Average Movie Search?

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Think back to the last time you took upon somebody’s recommendation and sat down to watch the movie in question. Who was it that you listened to? We can bet that is was either your friend, a family member, your boyfriend or girlfriend or your coworker.

Can you see what connects each of these people? They know you and they know your tastes. So, the chances that they will suggest you something that you will enjoy watching are high.

Now, think about when was the last time you liked the featured suggestions your streaming services offered to you. You can’t really remember, right? That is because all those film and TV show suggestions are AI (artificial intelligence) based. They are programmed according to the genres, actors, or directors and you cannot fine-tune them more than that. You will not actually receive the best possible recommendations out there based on what you watched previously.

Alternative Places to Look for Movie Suggestions

Okay, so the majority of film buffs are definitely not clicking on their streaming service’s picks. Where are they then finding ideas on what to watch next? Let’s take a look at the possible alternatives.

  1. Movie Websites

Countless websites are dedicated to film news, reviews, interviews with actors and directors. These online corners are great places to learn about new projects that are being filmed, to read announcements about which actors will star in which films and so on. However, most of these websites are acting as news portals, thus they are trying to be objective as much as possible. Chances that you will find personalized movie suggestions here are slim.

  1. Critics

It seems that after late Roger Ebert the institution of old school critics is slowly vanishing. Newspapers are being replaced by online news outlets, printed film reviews are being replaced by YouTube movie critics. There are a lot of self-proclaimed critics online and it is a tough job to weed out which ones align to your tastes. Some are very subjective and loud about their opinions which don’t always have to be true and based on facts.

  1. Forums

Even though forums lost their popularity of the early 2000s, they are still widely used by the film aficionados but in a much lesser capacity. Getting the recommendations from real people online is a great idea (something about which we will talk later on). But, forums can be rather slow due to low visits. Also, admins usually review your posts before they can be visible to others in hopes of luring away spammers and conspiracy theorists.

  1. Social Media

Social network groups and checking hashtags can help you figure out what to watch next. But, there can be a lot of spammers, people looking to start an online fight over a movie, and virtual clutter before you actually receive a decent suggestion. It would be better to just post a status on your own profile asking your online friends what to watch next.

But what do you do if you don’t have a lot of friends who are interested in films? Especially the ones you like?

Is There Another Way to Find Your Next Favorite Film?

Yes, there is.

Let us introduce you to Movvio app, an app where real movie fans suggest movies to other movie fans around the globe. Sounds great? We think so, too, and that is why we decided to build this platform which runs on the community who is passionate about cinema and wishes to share its love with likeminded people. 

Are you in for a film with a spooky setting? Or you wish to relax while watching a good comedy? Type out what would you like to see and mention which film it should be similar or not similar to. You can also ask for a rec according to your current mood. One thing to be sure of, Movvio app will deliver. 

Similar to people suggesting you movies and TV shows, you can do the same for others. Do you have an excellent idea of what should somebody watch according to their request? Post the answer to their message and help a movie lover out.

Why You Should Try Movvio app

Besides being a spam-free app, which is also clear and concise to use, Movvio app values your time. With our app, your movie recs will be just one click away. Evenings of you scrolling endlessly through top 10 lists and critics’ reviews to find what to watch are over.

You can ask for as many suggestions as your heart desires. The more details you include in your request, the better the recommendations will be. Explain what genres you like, what kind of plot twists amaze you, which actors’ acting abilities you admire. 

Ask and you shall receive your film or TV show suggestions!

Install Movvio app for movie recs in your pocket!

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