How to Use Movvio? [A Step-by-Step Guide]

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Are you tired of random movie suggestions that the streaming service of your choice is constantly offering? Do you wish to watch something fresh and different, but you don’t know where to look?

Our movie recommendation app Movvio does just that. It recommends you awesome movies according to your taste or your current mood. Is there a special occasion like Halloween or Christmas time? Get your dose of scary or Christmassy movies from Movvio! No matter if you want to see something spooky, funny or romantic (or maybe all three!), the Movvio community will help you out of that pickle and suggest a film or a TV show for you to watch.

However, before you dive into the world of quality film recommendations, here is a little user manual to help you get things started.

Just follow the listed steps below, make some popcorn and your movie nights are about to get much more fun!

Step 1 – Download Movvio app

Of course, the first step is to visit your app store. Search for Movvio, find it and download it. Once it gets installed on your phone, click on the Movvio icon which will appear next to your other apps’ icons. 

For easier navigation, you can move Movvio in your folder with other film-related apps, such as your streaming services and film news portals or blogs.

Step 2 – Create your account

The next step is creating your Movvio account. You can choose to register with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. Pick the one that you wish to sign up with. Once you are all set and logged in, let the games begin!

Step 3 – Ask for a movie/TV show

In order to request a movie or a TV show, you simply need to click on the plus (+) icon which you will see at the bottom of your screen. Once you press it, a comment section will appear. Here you can explain what you would like to see. Mention anything that can help others figure out what to recommend to you. Genre, actors, directors, plot, similar films… Type out anything that will give clues to the community about what would be the right selection for you. 

Once you are satisfied with your request, submit it by clicking on the “Ask the community” button.

Step 4 – Check back later for recs

Now all you have to do it wait for a bit. Check the app later for recommendations from fellow cinema lovers. You will see them as replies to your initial request. 

Do you like suggestions? Well, you know what is now left for you to do. Grab a snack and a drink of your choice, log into your streaming service and enjoy!

Step 5 – Help other movie fans out

Besides asking for suggestions, you will soon be able to help others out in return, as well. We plan to enable a feature to see what people are looking for and in case you have a great recommendation for them, voice it out! 

Movvio community grows thanks to its members, so the more the merrier. If you like our app, invite your family and friends to join us! That way we can build this community and improve the suggestions. The more people use our app, the better chance that you will find someone with similar tastes as yours. 

Help us build Movvio

Our goal is to create a space where real people interact with real people based on their movie and TV show tastes. Movvio is certainly not an AI-based app. Even though we admire the technology and expertise that goes into building AI, we prefer a human touch when it comes to film recommendations. Movies bring out such a variety of emotions in us and that is something that cannot be tapped into through automated suggestions about what to watch next. 

That is why we decided to try and bring something new to the table. The old-fashioned feel of forgotten forums in a new convenient form of an app. 

Help us develop Movvio! Download it, check it out, send us your feedback and let’s work together on helping Movvio reach its full potential. 

Let’s watch awesome movies together thanks to Movvio!

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