How to Get Better Movie Recommendations With Movvio

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A long day has just ended, the weekend is approaching. You ordered pizza, prepared enough drinks for the night. You really just want to relax, watching a happy movie on the couch. But on your way back home, you receive upsetting news. Now you’d rather spend the evening crying while digging your spoon in a chocolate and vanilla ice-cream bucket.

Raise your – virtual – hand if you’ve been in this situation at least once. You don’t need to be bipolar to see your mood changing within the span of a few hours or a few days. Sometimes you can’t even explain exactly what you are feeling. You want an uplifting movie, but yet not as cheesy as most romcoms. You want a movie that makes you cry, but that still leaves you without lower faith in humanity.

So you resolve to log into your streaming account: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube Video, whatever.

“Netflix, Netflix on the screen, what movie can match my spleen?”

“Hulu, Hulu, on the screen, what movie have I not yet seen?”

We bet you’d be recommended movies that match your previous searches, but not those that best match your current mood. Did you just watch The Platform? Now your Netflix home page will be filled with scary and clickbait-ish thumbnails. You happened to have watched a rom-com once when your little cousin came to visit you during her summer holidays. And since then, Netflix has been recommending romcoms to you ad nauseam.

Come on, Netflix. There must be a better way to recommend movies really worth watching. Just because you once gave the Avengers a try doesn’t mean that you’ll love all Marvel movies.

Genre is such a cliche. Consider that both the Parasite and a Star is Born are considered drama movies. Would you see yourself recommending the Parasite to your middle-aged pony loving colleague? We guess it’s a no unless your colleague happens to be like most of us. Most of us prefer one or two main genres but are willing to try out a new movie if we think it might be worth spending two hours watching it.

Sure, good movies to see from different genres often respect different rules in terms of plot, acting, colors, pictures, and so on. But the differences between different genres are less of a deal today.

Focus on quality, not on genre

Movies are like music. They are an art form we use to represent ourselves, our emotions, and our vision of reality. You might fancy pop ballads or rock & roll hits. All is fine if you like what you’re listening to.

When you pick movies based on how popular they are, it’s easy to remain disappointed. Not all movies are as good as they are popular. That’s why we have designed Movvio.

Movvio is a platform where you’ll be able to find movies recommended by people to people. No more algorithm deciding the best picks for your movie evenings. Movvio is actually more than an app and a website. It’s a community.

Movvio allows you to find people with similar interests. We get it; you love a niche movie like “The Salesman.” You have all the reasons for doing so – and, by the way, should we talk about how great Shahab Hosseini’s acting is? Simply superb.

Anyway, on Movvio you’ll always find someone who happens to love the same movies as you do. You’ll see really good movies to watch based on your Movvio friends’ preferences and honest reviews.

Imagine it as a Reddit for movie fans, if you wish.

But, first, let’s introduce some of the main features that make Movvio so unique. Click here to download your Movvio – movie recommendation app

Here’s what you will enjoy as a Movvioer.

How Movvio works

Movvio is a safe place where other movie lovers will recommend a movie based on your taste.

When you create an account, you can include your list of favorite movies. You can even specify your go-to movie genres if you have any.

Then imagine you find yourself in the situation we described at the beginning of this article. You’re on your way back home, and your mood is as blue as a Van Gogh’s painting. The last thing you want to do is to waste time scrolling endlessly on RottenTomato and IMDb. You only want to sit on your couch, grab your favorite snacks, and relax. Is this that difficult?

Movvio can make your life easier. While on the subway, click the “Add post” section from the menu on the bottom. Ask the movie-related question that has been pressing you. Or, in this case, request a recommendation for a sad movie with a happy ending.

How Movvio works

See? Even Johnny is hanging out on Movvio ?

You’ll receive a series of comments and movie suggestions in line with your interests in the time of a few minutes. Other Movvio users can recommend some movies they loved, but they can also recommend titles based on your list of favorites.

Considering that Movvio is strongly community-based, we encourage all our users to engage periodically with the community. But don’t worry, we won’t spam you with questions and posts we think you should reply to. We respect your privacy as much as we value your time. You can select what time of the day is the most convenient for you to help others. You can even choose how many recommendations you think you can give within a period.

What are you waiting for?

Nobody can reimburse the time you spent testing movies. Nobody can give you back the first half an hour you wasted watching a movie that looked promising at first and then became terrible before even reaching the first half.

Prevent this hassle by asking and giving customized and relevant movie recommendations.

At Movvio, we want to make you get the best possible movie recommendations that will make your day. We want to give you a platform that will provide you with a fantastic experience that is easy and intuitive to use. Movvio recommendation app is all about community and people sharing the best movies to watch.

It looks like the clock is ticking on bad movie recommendations, and you can be among the pioneers that foster this long-awaited change.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for early-bird access and get notified when Movvio will be live soon!