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We are excited to launch the Movvio app based on the input of our valued customers. After conducting PoCs and surveys and getting to know what movie lovers want, we have designed an app that solves your problems.

The Movvio app addresses the pain of binge-watchers and entertainment lovers who wish they could find a place where the content they like is found. Our app is not AI-based. We prefer human touch because we believe movies bring out emotions that bots are unable to understand. Experience the traditional feel of online forums for movie discussions through the Movvio app.

Join the Community of Movie fans

Join the Community of Movie fans

The Movvio app runs on a community passionate about cinema. This spam-free app values your time and gives movie recommendations in just one click. No need to scroll through an endless list of movies or find what to watch on Netflix. Just tell the app your favorite genres and choose from the suggestions.

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