Life can be complicated.
Your entertainment should be easy.

Movvio delivers entertainment recommendations curated and inspired by your community.

We’ve all been there:  Endless hours scrolling through the Netflix, HBOGo, Hulu, or Amazon Prime screens, mindlessly flipping from page to page, desperately trying to find something to watch.  For most of us, the “suggested” TV shows and movies presented by these platforms simply miss the mark – and with good reason.  These algorithms are designed to promote the programs these platforms want you to watch, they are not designed with your viewing pleasure in mind.  The result?  Too much time clicking, flipping, and scrolling through entertainment that just doesn’t speak to you.

We think that is a colossal waste of time.

That’s why we created Movvio to provided tailormade, customizable, and intentional entertainment recommendations directly to our users.  Movvio connects you with television that will inspire you, movies that will move you, and documentaries that will challenge you.  How do we know?

We asked around.

Who did we ask?  Your neighbors.  Your family.  Your colleagues.  Your community.  And now we’re asking you.  Movvio is a unique entertainment app that takes who you are in mind when cultivating your recommendations.    We take a rare approach, and simply ask you for your personal preferences.  When you provide your picks, you help create a robust database that will help make entertainment recommendations based on the individual watching, and not based on how much money an advertiser is paying.  Movvio allows you to curate your own list based on members of the communities you identify with.  Over 50?  Movvio has a list for that.  Stay at home parent?  Movvio has a list for that.  Member of a specific International community?  Yes, Movvio has a list for that.  The strength and power of the Movvio app is that it is curated, developed, expanded, and nurtured by you and your community.

Movvio is asking for your help to create the ultimate entertainment recommendation platform available today.  At Movvio, we believe that entertainment recommendations should be based on who you are – not by who profits off the recommendation.  Your help in creating this robust database is critical, and by joining in June, you will be on the ground floor of revolutionizing the way we watch television and movies forever.  Join us, and simplify entertainment forever.

Let us know what do you think!

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