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Calling all movie and TV show fans, the Movvio community invites you to build a real connection with people sharing similar movie interests as you.

Everyone counts!

Movvio app puts people’s recommendations before recommendations made by AI because movies and shows are made for people.

AIs are getting better and their help is always welcome but they can’t recognize the emotion that makes a movie our favorite.

No trolls allowed

Movvio app helps you cut through the noise of movie and TV show marketing, unobjective fan recommendations and critics’ reviews.

You won’t have to watch movies promoted by studios and streaming services but something that will make your evening fulfilling and fun.

Growing with community

Movvio app knows that Godfather I and II are masterpieces, but that the Godfather III is best avoided.

Famous directors didn't make only masterpieces and your favorite actor probably starred in a few bad movies. Luckily, recommendations from people are guided by emotions, not data.

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Taste in Movies Similar to Yours

Recommendations Based On Your Mood

The Movvio community is like your very own movie club. Our recommendations are not based on how well the movie performed, but your mood and interests. We make it easier to find movies that you like so you don’t have to waste time searching for content of your taste.

A Community That Shares Taste Similar To Yours

We don’t promote movies and TV shows from studios and streaming services. We only give suggestions based on your personal interests. Choose Movvio to cut through the noise and watch only the content YOU desire based on YOUR emotions and not data.

Connect with other humans who share similar tastes and exchange your recommendations. Take charge of the content you want to watch. Don’t waste time on shows and movies that don’t match your mood or interests.

Personal recommendations
Save Yourself from Bad Suggestions

Save Yourself from Bad Suggestions

Not all movies made by famous directors are masterpieces. Godfather I and II are critically acclaimed but Godfather III is best to be avoided. An AI algorithm won’t tell you that, but our growing community will. That’s what human connection is all about.

Take Charge of Your Role

Whether you want to know what to watch on Netflix or want to help others with a good movie recommendation, you are in charge of your role at the Movvio community. You are free to change your role anytime you want. Cherish the welcoming community of like-minded movie lovers to have the best experience.

You decide your role