20 Amazon Prime Video Tips and Tricks You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)

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Amazon Prime is far more than fast deliveries, shopping benefits, and exclusive deals. An Amazon Prime subscription comes with other perks, including access to a host of movies on a multi-device streaming service platform.

If you have clicked on this link, you are already familiar with how Amazon Prime Video works. However, you might not know many of its unique quirks and handy features that will transform you into a pro Amazon Prime Video subscriber.

To make your life easier and boost your viewing experience, we have arranged a list of 24 tips and tricks that will help you find the content you want, when you want it, and – more importantly – get the most for your money.

So, sit back, grab the remote, and get ready to maximize your binge-watching experience on Amazon Prime Video.


1. Share Your Subscription With Others


Prime Video is linked to your Amazon account. For this reason, it doesn’t offer profile creation in the same way that Amazon Prime Video does. However, you can still create a household account to add one more adult Amazon account to your family group. You can also create profiles for your children and teens.

To do this, you can log into your Amazon account, select “Your Account” >> “Amazon Household,” which you will find listed under “Shopping Programs and Rentals.” Once you have set up a household account, you can log in using different profiles to access your Prime Video subscription. You can also set age restrictions and other limitations as part of the parental control feature.


2. Set Up Parental Control


Setting up parental controls is not only a good idea to protect your kids from movies and TV shows that are not suitable for them. It also protects your wallet. Amazon mixes paid and free content, which means that your kids may inadvertently buy movies you didn’t agree to let them watch.

To set up parental controls, log into your Amazon Prime account, click “Settings” at the top right, and choose “Parental Controls.” If you are using the mobile app, click on “My Stuff” at the bottom left, followed by the “Settings” cog at the top right, and then on “Parental Controls.”

You will be asked to set a PIN that your kids don’t know, and that can prevent them from buying content without your permission. Not to mention that you can also set up “Viewing Restrictions” based on their age and decide which devices they can use to log into your family’s Prime Video account.


3. Download the Best Movies to Watch Offline


Once a unique Prime Video feature, Amazon now allows you to download and store some video offline on almost any Fire, Android, or iOS device. You can play all the downloaded videos via the Amazon Prime app.

Keep in mind that these videos will disappear after a certain period once played to curb piracy. Offline playback is still a useful feature, especially when you are traveling or don’t want to consume all your phone data on the go.


4. Turn Off Autoplay


Many people prefer to binge-watch a series of movies and TV shows all at once. Autoplay cuts the time spent moving from one episode or movie to the next one. However, at times it’s essential to limit the time you spend watching videos on streaming.

If you want to turn off autoplay on Amazon Prime Video, you can go to “Account and Settings” >> “Playback.” On Android, you can find the Autoplay toggle in the Settings tab.


5. Create Your Watchlist


Amazon Prime Video has such a great movie selection that it would take you years to watch them all. Sometimes you see something you would like to watch, but you don’t have the time. That is when a watchlist can be useful in saving all the movies you want to watch in one place, just like a wishlist in your Amazon account.

Adding movies to your watchlist is pretty straightforward. Long press on the thumbnail of a movie you want to add, and then click on “Add to Watchlist.” On a computer, you can hover the mouse over a thumbnail to see the same option; you also have the option of tapping or clicking on the thumbnail and then choosing “Add to Watchlist.” You can then modify your watchlist at any time.


6. Find Extras With X-Ray


One of the best features of an Amazon Prime Video subscription is X-Ray, which feeds you with a steady stream of info about the actors, filmmakers, music, and other trivia info about each scene you are watching.

It’s not a coincidence that Amazon owns IMDb. That’s why Amazon Prime Video can count on such impressive extras about all your favorite movies.

To use X-Ray, mouse-over, or tap the screen while a video is playing to discover more details about the actors, music, and behind-the-scenes information of that movie.


7. Use Filters to Find The Best Movies To Watch


When looking for a new movie to watch on Amazon Prime Video, you might want to rely on some of the most common lists, such as “Recently Added” and “Most Popular Movies.” However, while Prime Video is an excellent streaming service, it’s browsing experience is far from flawless. Just consider that each of these lists might include duplicates and mix paid with free content.

We recommend looking for a Prime banner at the top left of movies to spot the ones free to stream as part of your Prime Video subscription. To exclude all paid content, you can use the “Free to Me” toggle at the top right in the mobile app or “Included with Prime” from the drop-down list in your browser.

You can also rely on the search option to look for actors, titles, characters, and genres. Some categories can be more useful than others, including “Amazon Originals,” “New Releases,” “Sports,” “4K UHD”, and the like. You can find them in the drop-down Categories list in your Web browser or through the Find option in the Amazon Prime Video mobile app.


8. Set Up Closed Captioning


Closed captioning and subtitling allows you to see on-screen words to movies. This feature is particularly helpful to those who are deaf or have hearing disabilities and still want to enjoy the content of a movie without audio.

However, closed captions can also be useful for all other viewers who want to keep the volume down or off. They also allow you to select various languages and translate content into your mother tongue.

Enabling captioning or closed captioning on Prime Video can vary based on the device you are using. You should be able to see a little icon that you can tap or click to select what language you prefer and other similar settings.


9. Customize Captions


In Prime Video, you can turn subtitles on or off as you wish. But that’s not all. You can also change the way they look by clicking the captions chat bubble on the top right and select “Subtitles Settings.”

To customize your subtitles even further, you can go to “Settings” and choose the Subtitles tab. You can then scroll to the bottom and look for the Edit option, which should be located next to the presets. This way, you will be able to select the colors, fonts, size, and edges of your movie subtitles on Amazon Prime Video.

20 Amazon Prime Video Tips and Tricks You Aren’t Using (But Should Be)


10. Watch Content For Free


Besides offering a 30-days free trial, Amazon Prime Video can also be paired with the IMDb Freedive, which allows you to watch anything you want for free with ads.

You only need to sign in, and all the content you can watch should appear in your browser, Apple TV, Fire TV, the Prime Video app, smart TVs, and Echo screen devices.


11. Optimize Your Video and Streaming Settings


Amazon’s policies are so customer-centric that they even thought about saving our phone data while streaming on the go. You can also change your video quality settings by logging into your Prime Video mobile app or in your Amazon Fire TV device and then going to “My Stuff” at the bottom right >> “Settings” >> “Stream & Download.”

When it comes to video streaming quality, you can choose from Data Saver, Good, Better, and Best. These can range from 0.14 GB per hour to 1.82 GB per hour. On the Prime Video app, you can also turn on the highest quality when connected to a Wi-Fi. When you are streaming videos on smart TVs and laptops, Prime Video also determines the video quality based on your device and the bandwidth available. In other words, the video quality will drop automatically when your Internet connection isn’t fast or stable enough.


12. Edit Your Watch History


We all have a series of embarrassing movies we don’t want others to know we watched. Yet, after you watched them, you noticed that Prime Video started recommending similar titles to you and seems not ready to stop any time soon.

That’s when deleting some titles from your watch history can be helpful. You only need to log into Prime Video in a Web browser, click on “Settings” >> “Watch History” >> “View Watch History” to see everything you have watched recently. You can then click on “Hide This” to remove some titles or tick the box on the right called “I prefer not to use this for recommendations.” Besides all of this, you can also rate the videos you liked and disliked to improve your future movie recommendations.


13. Edit What to Watch Next


Amazon Prime Video also allows you to edit what titles will appear in the “Watch Next” carousel on your homepage. You can look for a tiny Edit button, which you should find at the top of the “Watch Next” section. By clicking on it, you’ll be able to delete each movie you don’t want to watch next.


14. Check All The New Entries


After watching all the cool movies to watch in your wishlist, you might want to look for something new. You can scroll through the “Recently Added” or “Recommended” sections in the movie categories.

Besides the more common categories like “Action” or “Comedy,” if you continue to scroll down, you will also find more sections, including “Anime Movies,” “Oscar Winners,” and many more. If you want to find even more specific titles, you can use the Search window to type keywords related to precisely what you’re looking for. For example, if you type in “zombie,” you’ll find at least 100 results associated with this genre.


15. De-register Devices


Imagine if your device is stolen or sold to someone else, and only then you realize you’ve left your Amazon Video account logged in. How can you solve this?

Well, it’s easier than you think. You can go to the app’s settings, click on “Registered Devices,” and then disconnect all the unwanted devices from your account.


16. Use Your Voice to Find Something to Watch


If you are using Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to watch Prime Video, you can find something new to watch through voice control. You can search, launch, and control content by using your voice with either an Alexa Voice Remote or by pairing up a Fire TV with an Alexa-powered device (such as Amazon Echo or Echo Dot).


17. Watch Geo-Locked Content


What makes Amazon Prime Video so special goes beyond its long list of movie selections. Your Prime Video subscription gives you access to a ton of new originals, which are often only available in the same country where they have been produced.

To watch these geo-based content, you can use a VPN and bypass Amazon’s geo-restrictions. However, keep in mind that this is against Amazon’s terms of service, so do it at your own risk.


18. Add Extra Channels


If Amazon Prime is not enough, you can also sign up for other on-demand content platforms, like HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS. And the list goes on.

While pricing can change, most of these channels offer a free trial. Except for Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, you can see these channels appearing in your account if you added them to your subscription list on the Prime Video website.

To sum it all up, you will have to pay to add subscriptions to other streaming services, but you will also make everything accessible from one single app, the Prime Video app.


19. Ditch The Amazon Prime Video Algorithm for Even Better Movie Recommendations (From Humans to Humans)


While Amazon Prime Video is an excellent streaming service, its recommendation system is far from perfect. Very very far, actually. But not all is lost if you have a Movvio account.

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20. Always Know What’s Streaming


Amazon Prime Video adds and removes hundreds of titles every month based on viewer interests and licensing agreements. Luckily, we at Movvio keep our list of top recommendations always updated to show you what titles are the ones worth watching. So, keep an eye on our blog section for more similar content and useful guides!