Finding a perfect movie to watch based on your mood is time-consuming, isn’t it? How many of us thought we had found the best movie only to be disappointed when it starts.

Movvio is your top place to get movie recommendations based on your mood and interest.

100% Community-Powered Movie and TV Show Suggestions for You

Generic top 10 movies to watch

No! We don’t rely on algorithms or generic Top 100 lists of TV shows and movies. The Movvio platform is powered by community-based recommendations from real movie lovers who connect with you and share  great movies to watch.

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How it works?

Get on board with Movvio to receive recommendations starting today. Our step by step guide walks you through the process of joining out community
Step 1

Create an account

Sign up with Movvio using your social media accounts or email (whatever you like best)! Follow our onboarding steps, so that we get to know you better.

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Step 2

Ask for movie recommendation

Express your current mood or the genre you wish to tune into. It could be a jolly mood, inspiration, horror, or anything else – simply enter your quest and Voilà. Now let movie recommendations start kicking-in.

Step 3

Sit back and relax

Be prepared to get overwhelmed with movie and TV show suggestions. From the latest hits to the classics, you will be surprised to find hidden content. Make real connections with people of the Movvio community who share similar interests. Found your entertainment fix? Great, just click on the streaming service icon and you are ready to indulge in an entertainment extravaganza.

Step 3

Join the Community of Like-Minded Movie Lovers

Give back to the movie community

Be a part of Movvio’s humble community and give movie suggestions to other members. Share the hidden gems of entertainment. Help others as they helped you. That’s what makes Movvio stand out from the rest. That’s why our members love us.

This is our mission and what we strive for! Join us now!